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Thank you farmer! -Ekkachai Dan  03/21 07:56
Thanks farmers! -Katie Holjevic  03/20 12:12
Thank you America's Farmers! -Larry Johnson  03/16 13:51
My family has been farming the same land in Pennsylvania since 1780 and I know it is no easy task to run a farm. Thankyoufarmers -curtis covert  03/11 09:54
I was born and raised on a farm and am proud of my heritage. I am honored to receive this gift! -Ann McCarrell
"Thank You!" seems so inept to express the depth of gratitude my family & I feel for y'all & all that you do. GOD BLESS! :o] -ELIZABETH SIZEMORE  02/21 11:27
You guys are awesome! Thank for feeding the world! -Kirk Lothert  02/18 18:19
My father was a farmer and custom harvester. Most people don't have a clue how hard that occupation truly is. Thanks farmers! -Sandy James  02/09 20:07
Thank youto all the family farms that support America. -matthew beavers  02/04 09:59
Thank you for feeding my family for generations! -D B  02/04 08:13
My husband's father and uncle are farmers and we understand first hand how tough of a job being a farmer is. Thank you! -Mindy Shafer  02/04 07:51
Thank you for all the hard work you do to help feed the people of our great country and the world. -Valerie No  02/03 19:46
I appreciate what you do! I always wished my husband and I were farmers. Thank you! -Stacy Ramsey  02/03 08:45
my thanks to the many farmers who feed the U.S. we all know that it isnt easy and you work in all weather, thank you -Riamanda Branson  02/01 06:42
I thank each and every farmer and their families for all their labor of love on the farms that provide so much for us. -Edwyna Lewis  01/16 14:55
Thanks for keeping me fed for 85 years, 86 in March, Thanks so Much. -robert geremia  01/15 16:46
Thank you so much. From a soldier to a farmer. I salute you. HOOAH! -T M  01/15 05:57
Thank you for all the hard work that you do no matter what! You work hard in the snow, rain, and extreme heat just for us! -Kayala Jordan  01/09 12:30
Thank you for allof your hard work and long hours. Thank you for the work you do to help feed America. -Laurie DuVall  01/08 20:38
American farmers represent the best of America - strong, determined, honest and hard working. Thank you for feeding my family! -Laurie Putthoff  01/06 14:37
Thank you for providing me and my family with so many tasty, nutritious, SAFE food options. This country is truly blessed. -Jennifer Demonbreun  01/05 09:14
My Dad's parents were farmers. Thank you for all of your hard work, you keep America strong. -Erica Nelson  01/02 02:48
From the very bottom of my heart, I thank you so very much for all that you do. -Stan Cross  12/31 06:06
Thank you for your sacrifices to give great produce to America & the world, God bless you all. -Dana McKeever  12/30 20:17
We can never say thanks enough . . God bless you all ! -Bill Starkey  12/30 15:49
Thank the farmers of America for all of their hard work to provide food fuel and clothing for all of America and beyond. -Gail G.  12/30 15:21
Your work is appreciated! -Linda Brandon  12/29 20:36
I want to say Thank You to all of Americas Farmers, for all of their hard work and for all they do for everyone in America. -Jennifer Bell  12/29 07:49
Thank you. I'm not a farmer, but I appreciate you that farm to bring forth what God intended from the being on the world. Joe A. -Joe McCray  12/29 04:48
Thank you for keeping our pantries full and for all the hard work that you provide to keep America nourished. God bless you -Bill Tharp  12/27 15:58
I grew up on a ranch and want to thank you for all you do for the people of this country.The work may be hard but is rewarding. -Carol Powell  12/27 09:46
Can't thank you enough for your long hours, hard work, and wonderful products that feed America. Love the farmer's markets. -Sandie Jacobs  12/26 11:49
I wanted to thank all the farmers and farms all across this land. As a 5th generation farmer myself, I take pride in what we do -Kristen Walker  12/25 12:07
Thanks to all the farmers that keep our pantrys full. Thank you for all your hard work. Merry Christmas and may God bless -Victoria Moore  12/25 11:09
keep up the good work andmay God bless!!!!! -BILL SIMPSON  12/25 09:04
Thank you farmers for all you do and all that you provide! -Gail Holcomb  12/24 18:09
I am an old farm girl and still have a small strip garden so I "can" all the vegetables I grow. -Ruth Slone  12/23 14:41
good for you thanks I grew up on a dairy famr -Henry FLYNN  12/21 15:00
Thank you, American farmers, for the quality foods that you grow for our families. I salute you. ~ Betty Davis -Betty Davis  12/21 10:59
i take this time to thank the america farmers for all the food that they grow they are the back bone of this country -gary beaudrie  12/21 06:25
THANK YOU FOR MY LIFE,I ALSO WANT A FARM,MY OWN LAND! GOD BLESS. -christine o'christle  12/20 15:24
Thank you farmers for all you do! you are America. -DAVID DODD  12/19 21:34
Such deep connection to land makes us better understand humanity. You are our greatest philosphers, with much to teach. Thankyou -Gweneth Kohl  12/19 13:22
thanks -bernard kwasniewski  12/19 06:02
Thanks to my wonderful Dad and all the other hard working farmers out there. You all have made America a great country! -Jo Johnson  12/19 05:59
Lived in Iowa for many years and know just how hard the farmers work. Our country could not survive without farmers! Thank you! -Myra Derry  12/18 12:55
I am grateful to you everyday. -Dina Izzo  12/18 09:56
Thanks for provide of all food with yours families. God bless you and your land, every day. -Jaime FLORES  12/18 03:59
Thanks be to GOD for all the hard working farmers out there feeding the world !! -Donna Krueger  12/18 03:26
Thank you for your hard work! You ARE the backbone of our great country. -Marisa Richardson  12/17 18:16
Thank yall for all that you do! Me and my family are very grateful for yalls hard work! -alissa davies  12/16 18:13
We appreciate your hard work and thank you for providing for our families -Michelle Sweezey  12/16 06:41
Iwork for FSA and know how tough it is today and I am a farmer. We do it because it is in our blood! -Peggy Wiley Clyde  12/16 04:42
Thank you for all you do. My grandparents were Farmers in Florida and my daughter is an Ag Teacher. God Bless the Farmers. -Linda Tozier  12/15 19:05
Thank you for all the hard work so I can eat. Its not easy work and I thank you from my heart -Sarah Spannagel  12/15 17:46
Thankyou so much for doing what you do...for the dedication and hard work, thankyou! -Tamara Preston  12/15 15:00
I work at apple orchard in New England so I appreciate what it takes to bring a crop from field to the table...Thank you! -Justin Toutant  12/15 14:20
thank you farmers i really appreciate what you do for our family you are in our prayers -bruce brunson  12/15 08:03
thank you for your hard work and sacrifices -darlene moyer  12/15 08:01
Thanks for all your hard work. It isn't easy when Mother Nature can be so unforgiving. -Mark Moss  12/15 07:22
Thank you so much for all of your hard work and sacrifice! Thank you for growing the food that feeds my family. God bless! -Missy Bennett  12/14 17:39
Here's a song and video I wrote about the American Farmer. Thank God for the Farmer -Peter Kaye  12/13 19:16
My mom spent her whole life as a dairy farmer. I know the sacrifices farmers make to make the world a better place. -Rhonda Alexander  12/13 11:52
Thank you! -Ross Loveall  12/13 08:49
Thank you to all farmers who grow our foods. -Margaret Baker  12/12 13:18
Thank you!!!!!! -Fran Turner-Yost  12/12 09:25
Thanks to all the HARD WORKING farmers who provide food for our tables everyday! It takes a LOT of dedication. -Patricia Hillyer  12/12 06:57
Thank You -stan erwin  12/12 06:37
Thank YOU all very much for what you do for the people of the United States to help us eat healthier -Silva Adeniyi  12/11 19:09
Thanks for growing the food i eat. -frances anderson  12/11 14:30
What a wonderful industry fueled by amazing people! Thank you for your passion, committment and drive to always do more. -Christine Luelf  12/11 13:05
You are our unsung heroes. We thank you for your labors and efforts to keep our country [and others] fed, healthy and whole. -Bette Trammell  12/11 09:17
Thanks for everything. I wish more took the opportunities to give you the gratitude that you deserve! -Mandi Degner  12/11 04:51
Thank you to all Americas Farmers! -Kathleen Fuller  12/08 12:38
I know what it takes to grow food. Being disabled for years now makes it impossible for me. Thank you very much for all you do! -JoDee C  12/08 10:40
thanks everyone for ur hard work and agravation to get the products to the market u are the life line in the usa thanks -jeff earlywine  12/07 22:52
thank you for all your hard work. -susanne allen
aza@sgidelmarva. com  12/07 17:56
thank you so much forth work that you do! -Aza Furst  12/06 14:04
Thank you for all of the hard work you do! - -Judah Baker  12/06 13:07
Thanks Farmers for all the hard work morning and Night so we in this World have Food to eat. God Bless You All.Chris -Christine Weiss  12/05 07:32
May God bless every farmer and farming family this year and all the years to come for all that you do to feed the world. -Linda Wofford  12/04 21:30
Thank you for the long hours and hard work. Without you we wouldn't have food on the table to give thanks for. Many thanks .:] -Beverly Janson  12/03 20:50
Thank you farmers. keep farming. -Robert Brothers  12/03 11:42
Thank you to all the farmers and their families for your hard work, long hours and dedication to bringing us quality food. -Ann Jackson  12/03 07:13
Thank You ! Thanks a Ton to America's farmers for your tremendous effort in helping feed millions -Kusumakar Bhusal
N/A  12/02 22:22
For all of you who rise before the sun, work until long after it goes down, and give your all for your family...Thank You!!! -J M  12/02 13:32
thank you for all that you do every single day, hugs and happy holidays. -Gabriele Wood  12/02 05:47
Thank You .for all your hard work you help keep our Nation strong . -John Dambrell  12/02 02:32
May God bless our farmers. The more locally grown organic food produced the better. -Mary Huse  12/01 17:04
Thank-you to all of the farmers I appreciate your hard work very much. -debbie bennett  12/01 16:53
Thank you, America's Farmers - you devotion is awesome!!! -Ray Notman  12/01 15:05
Thanks for you efforts to feed and clothe America ! I farmed for 15 yrs. before having to get a public job. I appreciate YOU ! -Laura Quintero  12/01 03:42
Thanks Farmers for all that you do -Jimmy Miller  11/30 18:48
Thank you for all your hard work to put food on our tables and safe to eat food GOD BLESS YOU ALL Dottie -Dottie Wolfe  11/30 07:07
Salt of the earth! I work FSA and love all MY farmers! You work hard, very hard in a very streeful job! Thank you! -Peggy Wiley Clyde  11/30 06:24
THANK YOU farmers!!! <3 my farmer!! -Joni Fussnecker  11/30 06:05
You are the single, most important person that I have the privilege of telling how much you do for us. Thank you for all you do. -Chuck Adams  11/29 18:40
Thank you for feeding us, clothing us and keeping a vital industry going! [a farmer's daughter] -Pat Newton  11/29 16:22
Thanks for all that you do -Dexter H  11/29 16:18
Thank you -John B  11/29 16:16
Thanks for all you do -Jermaine I  11/29 15:46
I give my kid organic food so thank you. -Ashley Weems  11/29 15:44
Thx -Joseph lavaglio  11/29 15:42
We thank you. -Heather Braxton  11/29 15:40
thx so much! -Sheri bryant  11/29 15:39
thanks alot -Derrick Tinson  11/29 15:36
thanks -Camille sanchez  11/29 15:34
thx so much -Jammie jones  11/29 15:34
Thank you! -Lakisha Willis  11/29 15:33
Thank you! -Lakisha Willis  11/29 15:33
thx so much -Justin williams  11/29 15:32
Thank you -grace mcneil  11/29 15:32
From my family to you and yours thank you -Marquel Thurman  11/29 15:30
Thank you for putting food on our table everyday -Ruby Samford  11/29 15:30
I am grateful! Thank you -Mark Smith  11/29 15:29
thank you -Benjamin Miles  11/29 15:27
Thank you so much for providing us with food -Matthew Rainney  11/29 15:27
thanks -Doug Green  11/29 15:26
Thank you -Felicia Eason  11/29 15:24
thank you! -Sammy Blassingoms  11/29 15:18
thank you. -Willliam Slg  11/29 15:16
thanks -Kamala Patricle  11/29 15:12
thanks -GS Cousins  11/29 15:10
thanks -GS Cousins  11/29 14:55
ty -Derrick Johnson  11/29 14:54
thx so much -Margie wright  11/29 14:47
Thanks so much for your services -Pat Flannigan
none@none.con  11/29 14:46
thx -Diane white  11/29 14:45
thank you -John hampton
OWins  11/29 14:45
Ty -Heather Kk@  11/29 14:43
thx -Scott grider  11/29 14:43
thx -Scott grider  11/29 14:43
ty -Deg Brattelid  11/29 14:39
thank you -Debra crosby  11/29 14:37
thank you -Ro redwood  11/29 14:36
ty -Barry addio  11/29 14:34
thanks! -Hannah stetter  11/29 14:33
thx -Gage norris  11/29 14:29
thhanks -Larry kimon  11/29 14:27
thx -Gary reichard  11/29 14:25
i greatly appreciate all u do! -Clay adams  11/29 14:23
thx -Gary levering  11/29 14:20
thank you -Burtha Badgue  11/29 14:17
thank you -Jordan Lawson  11/29 14:14
thank you!! -Michelle Stipelcovich  11/29 14:11
thank you -Amy buttle  11/29 14:08
thank you -Parin Harring  11/29 14:06
thanks -Mary Nolan  11/29 14:02
Thank you -Larry Walden  11/29 14:02
TY -Tommy Smith  11/29 14:02
thank you farmers -Paris harring  11/29 13:59
TY -Emily Kraska  11/29 13:59
Thank you for your continuous efforts in what you do -Chris Walden  11/29 13:58
thank you -Anna m. trundle  11/29 13:56
thank you -Philip roberts  11/29 13:55
thank you to sll of the american farmers -J v  11/29 13:54
TY -Kirsten Bowen  11/29 13:53
Happy to have you guys -Darryl Gordon  11/29 13:53
thank you -D york  11/29 13:50
thanks a million for everything americam farmes -Greg Martinez  11/29 13:48
thank you -Mark h  11/29 13:48
Thank you for provided for food us -Steve Davis  11/29 13:47
Ty -Sharmaine Grimes  11/29 13:46
thank you -Brittany beal  11/29 13:45
we farm too!!!! Thank youu -David Roberts  11/29 13:44
thank you -Mona beal  11/29 13:44
Thank you for your services -Gregg Darrisaw  11/29 13:40
Thank you for all the food you provide! Go Falcons! -Frank Washington  11/29 13:40
thank you very much -Marie battilo  11/29 13:38
thank you -Roy Long  11/29 13:37
I appreciate what you are doing for america -Larry Martin  11/29 13:36
TY -Chance Beck  11/29 13:35
thank you so much american farmers -Matthias jones  11/29 13:32
TY -Matthias Jones  11/29 13:28
thank you -Alma harpet  11/29 13:28
thank you -Alma harpet  11/29 13:27
Thank you for your help -Earnest Copeland  11/29 13:24
Thx -Jessica travis  11/29 13:24
thank you -Xavier graham  11/29 13:22
Thank you -Abraham jones  11/29 13:21
thanks a million -Gerald Miller  11/29 13:18
Thank you so much -Jorge dejesus  11/29 13:17
We thank you so much -ida harris  11/29 13:16
thx -Omar gonolaz  11/29 13:10
Thank you so much -Paul willey  11/29 13:10
we rhank yiEnter text here -Michael Black  11/29 13:10
Thx -Nick williams  11/29 13:09
Thank you for keeping us healthy -Scott Smith  11/29 13:08
Thank you -darius nuckles  11/29 13:08
thank you farmers -Danny smith  11/29 13:07
Thx -Nick williams  11/29 13:06
Thanks. We need your services. -Bibby Johnson  11/29 13:06
Thank you -Niki Dishmond  11/29 13:05
Thx -Nick williams  11/29 13:04
Thank you -Debra Moore  11/29 13:03
Thx -Nick williams  11/29 13:03
Thank you to all the farmers -Nathan Lindavy  11/29 13:03
Thanks farmers foe what you do. -Bernard Lasseter  11/29 13:02
thank you farmers -Jennifer wilson  11/29 13:02
Special thank you -Steven Benoit  11/29 13:01
Happy Thanksgiving...give thanks -sunshine love  11/29 13:01
We thank you for all of you hard work and providing us with food and clothes. -Ashlee LeeEnter text here  11/29 13:00
thank you -David nash  11/29 12:59
Thanks to all the farmers in the world for feeding us with food! -Terry Henry  11/29 12:59
Thank you very much we appreciate all you do. -Monte Hillar  11/29 12:58
ty -April Davis  11/29 12:58
thank you -Idrissa danner  11/29 12:58
We appreciate you for nourishing our youth! -Loretta Grant  11/29 12:55
thank you farmers!!! -Terrance Shinn  11/29 12:53
thank you -Kizzy cash  11/29 12:51
i appreciate all you do! -Steven cruncle  11/29 12:51
We are appreciativeEnter text here -Jessica Smith  11/29 12:51
thank you farmers -Ruby coleman  11/29 12:50
Thank you -Justin Hinds  11/29 12:48
thank you for all you do!!! -Paula fields  11/29 12:48
ThanksEnter text here -Jessica Smith  11/29 12:47
Thanks for my life and health and strength -Prince Moody  11/29 12:46
Thank you -Ashley crawley  11/29 12:46
Thank you for your continuous efforts in providing nourishments for my body. -Wakina K  11/29 12:46
thank you farmers -Linda brown  11/29 12:45
Thank you farmers we love vegetables and fruits without you we cannot live -Theresa Snelling  11/29 12:45
Thank you -Michelle Williams  11/29 12:44
Thank you farmers we love vegetables and fruits without you we cannot live -Theresa Snelling  11/29 12:42
ML thanks you -Mike Larry  11/29 12:42
Thank you for sub staining the nourishment for my body. -Amy Moody  11/29 12:39
Thanks -Sharonda Younger  11/29 12:37
THANK YOU GUYS! WE APPRECIATE YOU! -Latasha Lasseter  11/29 12:34
Thank you for all that you do -Cedric Riggins  11/29 12:33
Thanks farmers! -Jessica smith  11/29 12:32
Thank you. -David Brown  11/29 12:30
Thank You! -Tony McConnell
windwalkerone@wild  11/29 12:29
thank you -Buster britt  11/29 12:27
i love American Farmers, thank you. -Francine watts  11/29 12:20
Appreciate it! -Andrew Shawn  11/29 12:19
We appreciate you! -Alesha Bell  11/29 12:16
Thankyou -Heath bonaville Bonaville  11/29 12:16
Thankyou -Heath bonaville Bonaville  11/29 12:15
You are all awesome - -Muchelle Bell  11/29 12:15
thamk you -Toni bailey  11/29 12:14
Thank You Guys!!! -Jamel Franklin  11/29 12:13
Thanks For the food!! -Know Stone  11/29 12:10
Thanks you all for all your hard work. -Ashley Lasseter  11/29 12:07
Thanks -richie hughes  11/29 12:03
Thank You! -Andre McConnell  11/29 12:02
thank you so much -Cece watson  11/29 12:00
Thank you -Latonya miles  11/29 11:59
thank you -Patrick hicks  11/29 11:56
thank you -Gary frazier  11/29 11:53
ty -Laquia howard  11/29 11:53
thank u -Erin levering  11/29 08:40
Thank you for doing such a great job -Carole Clark  11/29 06:04
My fondest memories were on the farm with my Grandparents - I thank God everyday for the time and experiences. The fondation fo -Cynthia Lawrence  11/29 04:21
thanks to the american farmers,i grew up on my dads farm ,it was a wonderful experience .thanks to all of you. -bob roley  11/28 20:53
Thanksgiving dinner was terrific - thanks to all the farmers for putting food on so many people's tables. -Chuck Dietirch  11/28 20:04
My uncle farms & farming is not easy. I appreciate the job you do & I thank you and your family for supporting mine. God Bless! -Greg Rios  11/28 13:29
My family and I would like to thank you for all that you do. Thank you for all the food, fuel and clothing that you provide us. -Esther Pistone  11/28 12:52
Thanks for all you do to help feed, clothe and provide fuel for our families every day! -Consuelo Madere  11/28 11:11
Thank you for all the hard work you each do to bring food to the tables of America!! My father grew up on a farm in Kentucky. -Donna Henry  11/28 10:32
Thank you so very much for all of your hard work andlong hours and small pay,you are all Heaven sent,thanks again and God Bless -Mary Beers  11/28 09:22
thankso farmers, good food -pat panisewicz  11/28 08:50
I have so much respect for all u farmers i know how hard it is to keep your farms running so i thank u -Patrick Seeley  11/28 08:37
I thank every hard working farmer in this country,it's not easy because i use to be one ,it's very hard work my hats off to you -mark pellor
cowboy@powernet-net  11/28 08:25
Just want to thank you for taking up where I left off. -John Ed Loper Sr.  11/28 08:09
Thank you Daddy for raising me on a farm!! The love and appreciation I have for my Father and his farm I extend to ALL farme -martha irak  11/28 07:31
Where would this world be without the AMERICAN FARMER? Thank You from Northwest Crossroads Connection. -Richard Rose  11/28 07:27
Thank you for all you do comimg from a long family of farmers i know what it takes. Ijust wish the goverment would see it ! -Trevor Burd  11/28 05:42
Yes, thank you farmers everywhere whether you grow beef or other meat,, vegetables, herbs & spaces or Christmas trees. The USA w -Jane Holmes  11/27 22:47
THANK YOU...i appreciate your hard work & dedication!!! i enjoyed spending time on my uncle's cotton farm in alabama ~ War Eagl -amanda lu  11/27 21:11
Thank you for working hard to feed us all!! -Rhonda Watson  11/27 17:32
Thank you for all of your hard work & labor. You keep the country going. You feed our livestock, pets, us, and the world. Thanks -Jodi Nutt  11/27 17:11
Thank you for all the early mornings and late nights, for working hard everyday no matter what the weather, to fill our plates. -Jim Slugg  11/27 14:18
what is sad most people in the u.s., think that all the food they eat come s from the grocery store or fast food places. -Danny clayton  11/27 12:55
THANK YOU very much for all your efforts. Coming from a farming background, I sincerely appreciate the efforts you do!! -Carmen Kahle  11/27 12:28
Personal thanks to all the small and large family farmers in our country! You all deserve our thanks and respect, thank you. -Gary Ames  11/27 12:14
Doing a small scale farming on 34 arres, I understand how much it takes to produce the things necessary to feed and clothe all. -Evelynn Kelly  11/27 11:53
While I still feel the fullness of the Thanksgiving meal,we enjoyed, I thank you for the variety and ease of preparation.Thanks! -Connie Graves  11/27 11:37
Thank you and your family members for providing the daily foods that America and other countries need. -Marvin Gehrmann  11/27 11:36
Having been a dairymen until 7 yrs. ago I can appreciate all the hard work today"s farmers are doing. -Orlyn Lehman  11/27 11:33
thank you for being the kind of person who wants to farm.without you our way of life would not be. god bless you and yours -rebecca h  11/27 11:08
God Bless our farmers for all that they do. Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated! -Kimberly Riojas  11/27 11:05
I am an American farmer and we do a great job. hard work but a terrific way of life. Thanks to all of us -lois Ervin  11/27 10:59
Thank you very much! With out yoy no one would be living. -Gerald Butzler  11/27 10:59
theres nothing like getting that fresh fruit or vegie at the market! thanks for your HARD work! -wanda wilson  11/27 10:53
Thank you for working so hard to feed us all! -Mary Lantz  11/27 10:18
Having grown up on a farm, I realize risk and challenges each year. My family and I would like to thank you and may God bless u. -charles zadow  11/27 08:10
Thank you for all of your hard work. We appreciate you. -Mark Ehrhardt  11/27 08:00
Thank You for being that person who hardly gets recognized. Your work is hard and stressful yet you always there for us! -Joseph Chavez  11/27 07:56
thank you farmers, you are doing an important role in this world... -Mohammed AlBesher  11/27 07:50
THANK YOU. Thanks for all the hard work you've done for America. -Drake Nguyen  11/27 07:49
Never have I been so proud of our farmers. I've lived overseas,Asia for 8 yrs. Food there=not the same. Great to eat again. -BJ Krejci  11/27 05:20
Thank you farmers for keeping everbody feed. Keep up the good work all of you are doing. -MARTHA B  11/27 03:51
I frequently pray for our farmers...their familes and their crops!! -Frances Murphy  11/27 02:33
Thank you for performing one of the Top Ten riskiest jobs [ Bureau of Labor Statistics] in the United States . -Rich Crump  11/27 01:09
Very simply: We cannot eat without YOU! I commend you for the hard work tthat you do to feed a hungry world. Thank You! -Bruce Eisermann  11/26 13:56
Thanks Farmers, you are appeciated. -Sam Battula  11/26 12:08
Thank you for your hard work & dedication - your occupation is so clean [yes, clean]& honest. Bless you All!! -Debra Varner Paling  11/26 10:34
Where would we be without you hardworking farmers helping to put food on all of America's table. Thank you! -Nancy Hyver  11/26 09:29
Farmers are the heart of this great country and we should all be grateful for their contributions to our health and happiness! -Laura Austin  11/26 08:34
Thank you guys for working so hard every day to grow the foods we eat. We couldn't make it without America's farmers. -Blake Crabill  11/26 08:10
Thank you America's Farmers! The effort that you and your families put into the land to produce food and goods is not forgotten. -Ruth Wagner  11/26 07:50
Thank you for the food, fuel and clothing! -Paul S.  11/26 07:15
Thank you farmers for all your hard work and feeding our growing planet! -Luke S.
Thank You Farmers! We appreciate all your hard work! -Carolyn Caesar  11/26 06:21
Thanksgiving was awesome with lots of good food to eat. Thank you Farmers!! -Paula Price  11/26 06:18
Thank you, Farmers! It's because of YOU that I am able to feed my family nutritious food every day. -Taylor Lutkewitte  11/26 05:54
I just wanted to say "Thank You". It is nice to have food on my table that you help provide! -Tim Bryles  11/25 15:30
Coming from a farm family and now working to provide technology to the farmers, I understand your hard work. Thanks! -Keith Reding  11/25 13:34
thank to you we gett to celebrate the holidays with only visiting our food stores thx again -thomas walsh  11/25 12:24
thank you!!!happy holidays to you all !!!! -wilna EDMONDS  11/25 11:06
healthy food rocks -Ronaldo piven  11/25 11:00
you help keep me kids healthy -John bellen  11/25 10:53
you guys make the world round -John Washington  11/25 10:29
go bears!!!!! -Barclay Butler  11/25 10:26
i love my farmers! -Kesha Doggan  11/25 10:25
lets go bears!!!! -Todd Sanguras  11/25 10:23
go bears -Toni Sipka  11/25 10:18
go farmers go!!! -Thomas hu  11/25 10:18
we love our farmers -Terry Heroux  11/25 10:15
yay farmers!!! -Mattthew Trehub  11/25 10:12
some times you feel like a nut! Thanks farmers! -David voitik  11/25 10:11
lets go bears -Victor Ladii  11/25 10:06
thank you for the wonderful food this year,go bears!Gina Rose -Gina Rose  11/25 10:01
Thank you farmers -Roger Tay  11/25 10:00
Thanks for this year-Iowa Farmers -David davis  11/25 09:55
si se puede. farmers! -Niki beach  11/25 09:49
Bears!! -Fltch Wilson  11/25 09:47
rub a dub dub thanks for the grub. -Jonathan Klipner  11/25 09:46
Da Bearssssss!!!!!!! -Jenny Fartu  11/25 09:44
Thanks. -Juan Fiore  11/25 09:43
thank ya much.. BEARS!! -Stan Reese  11/25 09:40
thank you for your hard work -Jaime Ruiz  11/25 09:36
Thank you farmers -Russ Kellogg  11/25 09:35
Thanks for the food! -Caylin faith  11/25 09:31
thanks -Ted goldman  11/25 09:29
thanks! I love food! -Anton Demarco  11/25 09:26
Go farmers -Lorena Ramirez  11/25 09:23
thank you and grateful for Americas Farmers- -Peter Tarnais  11/25 09:22
we love americas farmers! -Simone johnson  11/25 09:18
THank you for all you do. God bless -lisa romoser  11/25 09:18
gooo Bears!!!!let's go!Thanks AF -Ricky Munoz  11/25 09:17
Go bears! -Zorina vakser  11/25 09:15
Thank you for your hard work, dedication and the wonderful food we are Blessed with in this great nation!!! God Bless you!!!! -Diane Michielson  11/25 09:13
keep strong farmers -Matt Hen  11/25 09:10
Thank you for the wonderful year!-Cindy -Cinthya kennedy  11/25 09:09
keep us all healthy! -Richard derr  11/25 09:04
keep strong farmers -Matt Hen  11/25 09:01
go americas farmers -Chernise Yvette  11/25 08:56
Bear Down and eat up!!!! -Robby Desouza  11/25 08:52
hope the bears ate their vegetables today! -Barrett pedersen  11/25 08:50
Thanks Americas farmers -Frank Jackson  11/25 08:47
lets go bears -Jackie steele  11/25 08:45
Lets eat healthier! -Lindsey Schlz  11/25 08:42
keep up the good work -Rick pace  11/25 08:39
thank you farmers -Denai Schneider  11/25 08:36
Lets go Bears!!!!!!!!! -Amanda Frost  11/25 08:35
i love the veggies -Chris huynh  11/25 08:34
vamos arriba!!!! -vic tipo  11/25 08:32
I appreciate our farmers -Jerry Anninos  11/25 08:31
you guys rock. Go vikingd -Meredith oliver  11/25 08:26
DA BEARRsssss!, -Andres De la Vega  11/25 08:22
thanks for all your hard work -Chris kwon  11/25 08:22
yayayayay!!! -Alex Smith  11/25 08:19
thanks for everything -Dallas Koch  11/25 08:14
Be cool and the cool will come to you. Thanks -Steve williams  11/25 08:12
You guys are the best -Michelle Velasco  11/25 08:09
I don't know where we'd be without you. Thanks for everything. -Tyler dotts  11/25 08:04
thanks -John hasman  11/25 08:01
Thank you for your koozie. -sharon armoska  11/25 07:56
yes love it -Tony Netero  11/25 07:52
thanks! Go bears. -Dave hernandez  11/25 07:49
Thank you -samantha johnson  11/25 07:49
thanks for doing what you do -Drew buss  11/25 07:46
Hey thanjks 2 the farmers :] -Victoria Apall  11/25 07:45
Thank you -samantha johnson
lakefieldfarm@AT&  11/25 07:45
Thank you grayslake Illinois farmers! -pete tekampe  11/25 07:43
Thank you -samantha johnson  11/25 07:38
We love America's farmers!!!!!! -Joel Weinhold  11/25 07:37
Livingston county Illinois farmers thank you. -Doug stephens  11/25 07:36
Thank you farmers!! -Megan Malone  11/25 07:35
Thank you very much. Go bears -Cindy Daggy  11/25 07:35
thx a bunch -Roxanna Gross
sports11@AT&  11/25 07:33
Thanks to the Knox farmers! -Lef J  11/25 07:31
Thanks -taylor wyatt  11/25 07:27
Thanks farmers I like milk. -Daniel hahn  11/25 07:24
Thanks for delicious food -Michael Wilson  11/25 07:23
Thank you thank you for this great cozies!!!Aron -Aron Pall  11/25 07:21
just a small message to thank you for all the hard work you do to keep food on our tables and to provide for so many people. -DIMAS vega  11/25 07:18
we appreciate all the help -Felix Salamanca  11/25 07:15
Thank you so very much for what you do!!!! :] -Sarah Peterson  11/25 07:15
thank you, well done' -Doug Demont  11/25 07:14
I love you all. -tricia scott  11/25 07:13
thx 2 all the farmerz -Heidi valadez  11/25 07:11
Thank you for the great pumpkins this year. -Nikki Szabo  11/25 07:09
thanks for all your help -Esperanza salamanca  11/25 07:08
Thank you for the great pumpkins this year. -Nikki Szabo  11/25 07:08
you make the World go round. -john spivey  11/25 07:07
Stay warm and keep up the good work -Samantha Soballe  11/25 07:05
love the fresh vegetables! -Andres salamanca  11/25 07:04
Thank you! -Robert Kowalski  11/25 07:02
Thanks. -john tomas  11/25 07:02
god bless the farmers -Huguette charles  11/25 07:01
Thanks. -john tomas  11/25 06:57
Thank you! -todd lance
Cloe.doherty@aim  11/25 06:54
Thank you! -clo doherty  11/25 06:50
my drink is warm. Thank you. -brian jackson  11/25 06:48
Thanks for the cozie! -Scott Hara  11/25 06:39
Thank you for everything. You all rock!!! -Sam higgins  11/25 06:35
Thank You for all the hard work to provide food tor us all. -Brenda Preston  11/25 06:12
You're doing a fantastic job!!! -Amul Ganger  11/25 06:09
You're doing an excellent job, keep it going. -Adam Perez  11/25 06:02
good job guys! -Adam goranson  11/25 04:37
Thank you all for the safe and healthy food you provide for America!God Bless you all! -Bo and Kathy Wescott  11/24 17:15
Thanks. I know farming can be grueling and thankless. Remember that you ARE appreciated. -Linda Brandon  11/24 15:07
Having grown up on a dairy.I understand your hardships.I pray for you all and appreciate your efforts.I lost my arm in an auger. -Albert Lanier  11/24 15:04
Thanks so much for all you do! It is VERY much appreciated! -Denise McDonnell  11/24 14:03
Our farmers know the meaning of endless hard work, responsiblity, risk and unpredictability...we should all be very grateful. -Jackie Kensler  11/24 13:57
You are awesome keep up the good work! -Janine Easton  11/24 13:56
Thanks -Al Watkin  11/24 13:55
Thank you so so so much! -Luis Ferreiro  11/24 13:53
Thank you for Lima beans! -Erin Levorchick  11/24 13:53
Thank you you rock! -Cherri Mcintosh  11/24 13:47
Thank you so very much! -Julie Noohan  11/24 13:44
Thanks! -Tiffany Rencher  11/24 13:43
Xoxo -Teresa Bruckner  11/24 13:41
Thank you! -Dave Cooper  11/24 13:40
Thank you! -Ellen Bryant  11/24 13:39
Thank you!!!!!:-D -Stephen Henier  11/24 13:35
Thanks! -Ellen Claude  11/24 13:33
Thank you!!! -Kay Padilla  11/24 13:31
Cheers! -Vikki Dean  11/24 13:30
Thanx! -Rachel Stlouis  11/24 13:30
Keep up the good work! -Colin Dana  11/24 13:28
Thanks -Jeff Thrift  11/24 13:26
Gracias -Vanessa Garcia  11/24 13:24
Thanks farmers! -Ryan Bartley  11/24 13:21
Great job -Carlos Gonzales  11/24 13:20
Awesome! -Don M  11/24 13:15
Thanks for all you do! -Michael Jacobs  11/24 13:14
Thanks for all you do! -Michael Jacobs  11/24 13:12
Thank you small farmers and even a thank you to large corporate famers who owe we Americans a big thanks for the large subsidies -Albert Sanders  11/24 13:01
Thank you farmers! -Tyler Mongoose  11/24 12:55
helping to keep America running thank you! -chrissy bearmore  11/24 12:52
thanks for all you do! -Brittany Rupp  11/24 12:50
Thanks for keeping my belly full. -Max Lee  11/24 12:39
God bless and thanks -John Myers  11/24 12:36
So thankful for all the farmers out there. Keep up the good work! -Marcy Harrison
Jane.  11/24 12:33
Thanks for your hard work! -Jane Waters  11/24 12:31
Thank you farmers, for the delicious fruits and veggies! -Diane Flattener  11/24 10:29
Thank you for all the long days and hard work you put in to keep us all fed! Keep up the great work! -Douglas Henderson  11/24 07:03
Your dedication to a profession that requires such long hours is amazing. Thank you for all that you do. -Eileen Bagy  11/23 13:44
My sincere gratitude for all the hard work farmers do to make sure America is fed. You are appreciated. -Deanna Wuttke  11/23 10:43
God bless you and thank you -Carole Clark  11/23 09:12
Thanks for all of the good food we are so richly endowed with in this country! -Sue Wallis  11/23 07:59
Thank you. -Misa Alexander  11/23 00:03
the american farmers are the best. my dad was an american farmer. and i have the most respect for all farmers. thank you. -brenda duncan  11/22 12:27
I thank my husband everyday for being a hardworking farmer. I want to thank every farmer for their hard work & dedication! -Misty Powellfarms  11/22 11:43
thank you -jt farm  11/22 11:35
thank you! -J T  11/22 09:06
TJANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK! -aschton banks  11/22 09:02
Keep growing! -ali sharrif  11/22 08:51
GOD BLESSU!! -Paula pfistet  11/22 08:48
Thank you, America's farmers, not just today but everyday! Your hard work and enthusiasm make the world go round! -Gena Perry  11/22 08:40
thank you -vicki West brooks
queen _akilah  11/22 08:36
Im grateful -telly nishop  11/22 08:34
thanks farmers, -Daniel williamson  11/22 07:45
Thank you farmers for all your hard work and long hours! -Jo Johnson  11/22 07:40
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! I just want you to know that I am very very thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving! -Mary Sodemann  11/22 07:40
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! I just want you to know that I am very very thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving! -Mary Sodemann  11/22 07:29
Thank you so much for all of the farmers, their families support, and tireless, selfless efforts in their every day work! -Michelle Lembeck  11/22 03:24
Thank you for all of your hard work dedication to your job! We are so blessed to receive the food we have on our tables! -Diana Clark  11/22 01:33
To all our farmers, young and old, man or woman, adult or child. I thank you. May God bless each of you. You're in my prayers. -Helen Rodgers  11/22 00:18
Thank you to all the farm men and women in American - you are our heroes. -Erin Hamm  11/21 07:10
Thank you for all your hard work to put food on our tables. We are truely thankful and you are very much appreciated! -Kim Rafferty  11/21 06:38
As the daughter of a third generation farmer and the sister of a fourth generation farmer, I thank you with deep gratitude! :-] -Kristin DeSutter  11/21 06:33
I want to thank my favorite farmers, my mom and dad, for allowing me the opportunity to grow up in such an awesome environment. -Karen Pfautsch  11/20 22:11
Thanks to all the hard working farmers and their families who make it possible for us to enjoy our -marilyn Pagano  11/20 15:38
Thank you to all the wonderful farmers! -Holly Nichol  11/20 15:24
We thank & appreciate all of you for all the risk, details, and hard work you show to produce for the entire nation -Bryan Thomas  11/20 15:13
Thank you for how you selflessly work to feed the ever-growing population! -Serge Traylor  11/20 14:18
Thank you to the hard work America's farmers and families deliver in providing the food and fuel we depend on. God bless -Diana Kester  11/20 14:15
Thank you for the late nights, early mornings and for doing the work that feeds the world. Happy Thanksgiving. -Clara Welsh  11/20 14:11
Farmers provide us with so much. Thanking them is the least I can do. -Andy Teague  11/20 14:09
Thanks, farmers! -Erin Robbins  11/20 12:50
THANK YOU, Farmers, We enjoy the bounty of the harvest brought in by your hard work and dedication. -Joyce Barlow  11/20 12:29
Thank You! -Patty Cox  11/20 09:45
Thanks to all the wonderful farmers who graciously provide their hard work and time to feed my family and so many others. -Jennifer Howard  11/20 09:42
We appreciate the hard work America's farmers deliver to provide the food, fuel, and fiber we all are blessed with!!! -Scott Keetle  11/20 05:56
Thank you and bless you and your families for all you do. -Daniel Heil  11/19 20:00
To America's farm families: You keep our people and our Country strong, for that I thank you. -Michelle Glaspie  11/19 19:24
For the dedication, sweat, and hard work, thank you! Thank you! -Kaleena Robertson  11/19 18:33
My father was a the days of only hand tools. hats off to all farmers who work hard to provide us with food Thank You. -Fazee Khan  11/19 15:04
Many Blessings to the farm families as we celebrate Thanksgiving, Thanks for all you do! Jamie Hoffman -Jamie Hoffman  11/19 14:00
Thank you for growing the food on my table! -Cynthia Tipton  11/19 13:43
Thanks for what you do for us to feed and keeping us healthy. -Javed Kapadia  11/19 13:40
Thank you! Without you farmers, where would we be? -Keri Osborn  11/19 11:41
To the farmers that I encounter in my work and other farmer, I want to personally thank you for being the backbone of America. -Wally Bates  11/19 11:37
thank you -Pam Joshi  11/19 10:42
I would like to Thank All the Farming Families who are out there planting, growing, & harvesting the food to feed the work. -Chris Bort  11/19 09:47
Thanks for feeding me and rest of this world! Your hard work is greatly appreciated. -Jayashree Rajukkannu  11/19 09:10
Thank you for all the hardwork and keep up the great job!!! -Raghav Bhupathi  11/19 08:52
Thank You... -April Savage  11/19 08:26
Thank you for all of your hard work and sacrifices. Your achievements are appreciated around the world. -Stephanie Klaas  11/19 08:22
A special thanks to you for feeding the world. Amy Komnick -Amy Komnick  11/19 08:04
I grew up on a small western KS farm and know how hard you work to provide food for the US and the world. Thanks so much. -Eileen Hahn  11/19 07:45
Thank you for all that you do! -Mark Kennedy  11/19 07:43
Thank you to all the hard working farmers out there!!! -Mandi Hall  11/19 07:34
Thank you to my dad and all other farmers who help to feed and clothe the world! -Ryan Ernst  11/19 07:31
Thank you! -Crissa Fruechte  11/19 07:28
Thank you...... -Michelle Patrick  11/19 07:26
Thanks for all your hard work to feed many people. -Linda Ness  11/19 07:11
Thanksgiving shouldn't be the only time with thank farmers for all that they do. Thanks you American farmers EVERYDAY! -Leah Johnson  11/19 06:38
Thank you for your hard work to provide food to feed the world. I truly appreciate it. -Angela Sontheimer  11/19 06:08
I am especially thankful to the folks who provide the food for my family's meal. Happy Thanksgiving to America's farmers! -susan dudek  11/19 05:46
Thank you for your tireless engery in such a critical business! -Earl Heiland  11/19 05:34
I was raised on a farm so I know the how hard farmers work. I admire, appreciate and respect farmers. -Diane Borowy  11/19 05:15
Thank you for all you do. I love to drive by fields and see the many rows of crops. -Brenda Stone  11/19 03:51
You are the Backbone of Mankind. We All Salute You for Ever and Ever… -Umesh Betageri  11/18 19:10
THANK YOU for your efforts, hard work, and the many things you provide! -Christine Muskopf  11/18 14:02
I'm grateful for all farmers for keeping the world moving forward -Luis Jurado  11/18 12:13
thank you -Eddie kastler  11/18 12:08
thank you for feeding america! -Pj Eters  11/18 12:07
sorry the government is taking all your land! -Gerry soltwedel  11/18 12:05
thanks from the chilis and the watermelon! -russ bial  11/18 12:03
its delicious thank you! -Megan Uma  11/18 12:00
thanks for all that you do, happy holidays! -Edward manzo  11/18 11:58
Thanks for everything!! -dean sadq  11/18 11:56
keep it gowing! -Renaye vanwetter  11/18 11:53
thank you!! -Kaylay jansen  11/18 11:52
thank you for all your hard work -joanna stratton
Pulse buck  11/18 11:51
Thais for all the -buck pulse  11/18 11:49
thank you so much for all you do! -Lee madrid  11/18 11:44
thanks -Randy Rafinner  11/18 11:44
thanks for the great corn -steve thomlin  11/18 11:42
thankyou -Le/ Morris  11/18 11:42
Thanks for koozie! -Aaron Weston  11/18 11:39
Thank you! -Johnny Arenas  11/18 11:37
Thank you! -randi cary  11/18 11:36
thank you! -Rick reindeers  11/18 11:35
Hang in there! -becky sundermann  11/18 11:34
Thank you! -Roxane Baird  11/18 11:33
thank you for provding our food -Connie lemcke  11/18 11:33
Awesome job -Bryan Devlin  11/18 11:30
thanks for all you do to feed us all! -Jen frary  11/18 11:29
thank you -Bart aby Aby
Etacey@gmail  11/18 11:28
Happy Thanksgiving! -Erin Tacey  11/18 11:27
thank you! -Sally Ward  11/18 11:25
thank you -ricky williams  11/18 11:23
thanks for all you do... -Teresa harvey  11/18 11:21
keep going -robert a
Cdawkins14@gmail  11/18 11:21
thank you and you're awesome. -Core Dawkins  11/18 11:21
way to go! Ur doing a great job. Best wishes for great year! -Laura allen  11/18 11:20
Thank you for all you do! -layton lohman  11/18 11:18
thank you! -Julie kohrs  11/18 11:18
way to go idaho, yay potatoes -michele moore  11/18 11:18
Thank you for your dedication! -Sherry Mewll-Chandler  11/18 11:17
helllllllllllaaaaaa -Kayleigh smith  11/18 11:16
Thank you! -Doug Shane  11/18 11:16
thanks!! -Siegel Ken  11/18 11:15
thank you farmers for working hard everyday because i couldn't -scott lepisto  11/18 11:15
Thank you for everything! -shelby bullington  11/18 11:15
happy thanksgiving! -Denise rames  11/18 11:14
Happy Thanksgiving! -Niesha Gonzales  11/18 11:14
THANK YOU FARMERS -Charity harstad  11/18 11:11
Keep on growin! -Dr Tom Hill  11/18 11:11
thank you! -Darius turner  11/18 11:11
Keep on growin! -Dr Tom Hill
Airfred2000@yahoo.vom  11/18 11:11
Thank you! Thank for all the meat! -Fred Core  11/18 11:10
Love ya baby, thanks Randy Farmer!,, -Randy Farmers  11/18 11:10
thank you -steve schwegart  11/18 11:09
Thank you! -Rob Archuleta  11/18 11:08
Thank you for all that you do! -Carl Hall  11/18 11:08
thank you -scott bowman  11/18 11:07
thank you!! -Chris prien  11/18 11:07
Thank you! -Dan Bennett  11/18 11:06
Thank you! -Selene Ordonez
Joemalusek@gmail  11/18 11:05
One farmer to another, thank you! -Joe Malusek  11/18 11:05
thank you -aaron spooner  11/18 11:05
Thank you! -Jay Baldonado  11/18 11:05
yay farmers!!! Thanks -zach miller  11/18 11:04
thank you -aaron spooner  11/18 11:03
Thank you!!! -kathy lavoie
reeb303@co  11/18 11:03
great job farmers, you rock. -Joe Thompson  11/18 11:02
Thanks for all your work! -Samuel Celements  11/18 11:01
good job thanks for the food -paul fretz  11/18 11:01
thanks homie -Brad Pickle  11/18 11:00
Thank you for all that you do! Happy Thanksgiving! -Ashley Vance  11/18 11:00
Thank you! -Eric Fretz  11/18 10:59
Thanks keep it up love you -Mabel maez  11/18 10:58
Without you we couldn't eat, so thank you! -Joe Schirmer  11/18 10:58
thnks -brad santos  11/18 10:58
Thank you. -Denise Lutz  11/18 10:57
Thank you!! -Carlos Rivera  11/18 10:57
thnks -brad santos  11/18 10:57
thanks -Jordan biggs  11/18 10:56
Thank you! -Todd Lutz  11/18 10:56
thank uou thank you! -Brenda chacon  11/18 10:55
thank you to all my friends and family -shirly m  11/18 10:55
Thank you! -Bryan Sitarski  11/18 10:55
Thank you! -Bryan Sitarski  11/18 10:55
thanks for making my food -Sean ogrady
mcdan6@gmail  11/18 10:54
Thanks for all you do! -Dan Mcewan  11/18 10:54
I love Americas farmers! -Angie Ellenbecker  11/18 10:54
Thank you! -Ashley James  11/18 10:54
thank you! :-] -Amanda redden  11/18 10:53
Thank you for your hard work! -Danni Martin  11/18 10:53
hang in there -russ tanzy  11/18 10:52
farmers are sexy I love their overalls -Logan Somers  11/18 10:51
Thanks for providing food for America! -Aaron Sandoval  11/18 10:51
Thank youfor all you do! -Grant Giesbrecht
Wallace  11/18 10:51
good luck farmers -Lane  11/18 10:50
you are great -loran munsinger  11/18 10:49
Thanks for doing good deed for america! -ted munsinger  11/18 10:48
thanks everone -David stanley  11/18 10:48
I love all types of farmers -Josh paur  11/18 10:48
thank you very much -ryan higgins  11/18 10:47
Have a very happy Thanksgiving! -Margaret Garcia  11/18 10:47
Thank you!!!!! -wes mcniel  11/18 10:46
good work -ken garcia  11/18 10:46
thank you -Dani aoude  11/18 10:46
Thank you! -chris sitarski  11/18 10:46
A heartfelt thank you from South Dakota! -Jon Petersen  11/18 10:45
farmers rock on -Ben michaels  11/18 10:45
go broncos!!!! -Valerio chaPa  11/18 10:44
Americas farmers rock my world -aaron sitton  11/18 10:44
thanks for all you do -cheryl elis  11/18 10:44
Thank you! -Mik Higgins  11/18 10:44
thanks for all you do -cheryl elis  11/18 10:43
thanks fellow farmers!! -Brad sitton  11/18 10:43
Thank for my milk! And Happy Thanksgiving! -Loren Harris  11/18 10:42
thanks for providing our food over the years -natalie hanson  11/18 10:41
thank you farmers I love you! -Jon todd  11/18 10:41
Thank you for all you do! -Ted Thompson  11/18 10:40
thank you and god bless -jim yacks  11/18 10:40
thanx guys! -Tyler kr-2  11/18 10:38
thanks for growing our food -sarah thomason  11/18 10:38
Thank you! I love you! -Cynthia Russell  11/18 10:37
great jobs keep up the harf work. -John chiarello  11/18 10:37
You rock!!!! -Toni Lofink  11/18 10:36
Thanks for the great food! -Michelle Walker  11/18 10:35
Thank you -todd wright  11/18 10:35
as a past future farmer of america, thanks a lot! -kate holland  11/18 10:35
Thanks for everything! Happy Thanksgiving! -Eric Manned  11/18 10:35
as a past future farmer of america, thanks a lot! -kate holland  11/18 10:34
thanks for all your work! -Donna knight  11/18 10:34
Thank you very much for feeding and helping out American families! -Melvin Amicone  11/18 10:33
Thanx fot da food -brian knit  11/18 10:33
thank you for all you do -michelle creel  11/18 10:33
thanks! -Heather Holden  11/18 10:33
Thank you! -Brent Foster  11/18 10:33
thanks! -Heather Holden  11/18 10:32
Thanx for feeding the world -nancy foster  11/18 10:32
thanks for the crop -Donny grady  11/18 10:32
Thank you! -Misty Lopez  11/18 10:31
we appreciate you -micheal grady  11/18 10:31
Thank you! -Darwin Be enti  11/18 10:31
Thank you -will gorguo  11/18 10:30
keep growimg strong -Todd hawbaker  11/18 10:30
i love farmers!!! -Jo carter  11/18 10:29
thanks for all your hard work -kaitlin ferry  11/18 10:28
Thank you for all the pork! -leonard salazar  11/18 10:28
Thank you so much -aj justice  11/18 10:27
Thank you very much! -Taunua Taylor  11/18 10:27
thank you farmers, we love you. -Megan terry  11/18 10:26
thank you -brandon rose  11/18 10:26
thank u ...... Gracias .... -Xavier gonzalez  11/18 10:25
Thank you! -Alan M
sdecaria@ao.coml  11/18 10:24
Keep it going! -scott Decaria  11/18 10:24
Thank you so much -rob melies  11/18 10:24
thanks farmers keep growing -Johnn duran  11/18 10:24
i support americas farmers!! -shawn barnes  11/18 10:23
We appreciate all you do! -jaime Marzan  11/18 10:22
Thank for all of the good food! -Holly Kuntz  11/18 10:22
thank you -cecile jobson  11/18 10:22
thank you -gary mauro  11/18 10:22
thanks for everything. -Jude fischer  11/18 10:22
thanks for the food -Heather johnson  11/18 10:20
thank you! -loyida torres  11/18 10:20
Thank you for feeding me! -Linda Dutton  11/18 10:20
Thank you for the good work -bethany f  11/18 10:19
thanks -Eric butler  11/18 10:19
thank you for all your hard work! -Michelle mitchell  11/18 10:18
great going -chris krelovich  11/18 10:18
Keep it growin! -Todd Christensen  11/18 10:18
Keep on growing and thank you for putting food on our table. -melanie Wilmont  11/18 10:18
Thank you -Matt Walker  11/18 10:17
Thank you! -anna warren  11/18 10:16
I greatly apprecaite all you do! -Tracy Van Anderson  11/18 10:16
you're fantastic!! we'll enjoy on thanksgiving -doyle hone  11/18 10:16
god bless, thanks for all you do -Alan hill  11/18 10:15
Thanx -Michael houston  11/18 10:14
Thanks for what you do! -Todd Lawrence  11/18 10:14
Great job and thank you! -della houston  11/18 10:13
Thank you so much for everything -karen lusk  11/18 10:12
Thnk you! -Stephanie Garcia  11/18 10:12
Thank you! -beau garcia  11/18 10:12
Thanks for all that you do! -Phyllis Harrelson  11/18 10:11
Thank you! -Tyler Dalton  11/18 10:11
i appreciate the hard work, i know what its like -brian andrews
ian.c.ramcy@gmail  11/18 10:10
Thank you -ian ramcy  11/18 10:10
thank you for everything you do -Chance campbell
everett@co  11/18 10:10
thank you very much!!! -Everett gidlund  11/18 10:10
Thank you for you for everything! -josh frapp  11/18 10:10
Thanks for the great fresh food, keep going. -Lisa Powell  11/18 10:09
Thank you -dylan ester  11/18 10:09
so grateful for all you do -racheal bishop  11/18 10:09
Thank you! -Payton Nestor  11/18 10:05
Thanks sooo much! -Bernie miller  11/18 10:05
keep on growing baby!! -dan madden
angela_ vaquez331@yahoo  11/18 10:04
We appreciated you -angela vasquez  11/18 10:04
Keep up the great work!! -Rito Vasquez  11/18 10:03
thank you for all your time effort and dedication -sheeka agrawal  11/18 10:00
thank you! -Julie deherrera  11/18 09:59
thank you for your continued dedication and hard work -Kathy perez  11/18 09:58
Keep it up!! -Isaiah Lopez  11/18 09:58
thanks for your service!!! -Jennifer black  11/18 09:58
Thank you! Appreciate the soldiers! -Joey Payne  11/18 09:57
Thank you for the barley -matt lowery  11/18 09:57
Thank You!! -Joey Hawk  11/18 09:57
Thank you! -Gloria Payne  11/18 09:56
thank you for all your hard work! -Mauel garcia  11/18 09:56
thanks for all your hard work -peter morin  11/18 09:56
thanks for your service!! -Meg Vialpando  11/18 09:54
Thanks for all the work!!! -Jay Lutz  11/18 09:54
Thank you so much -marlo g  11/18 09:54
thank you and happy thanksgiving!! -jessica hanlan  11/18 09:54
thank you -KatiE miller  11/18 09:53
Thanks for producing all of the awesome crops! -Crystal Lowery  11/18 09:53
thank you -KatiE miller  11/18 09:51
thank you -Donny wilkinson  11/18 09:51
Thank you -colton m  11/18 09:49
Thank you! -Jonathan Trolin  11/18 09:48
thanx god bless -Bill juniel  11/18 09:48
thank you to all the great farmers in sw kansas -Randall Karlin  11/18 09:48
Thank you! -Isaac Ruybal  11/18 09:44
Thanks for all you do! -Christie Palazzi  11/18 09:43
We appreciate all your hard work!! -Brenden Durkin  11/18 09:43
Thanks a bunch guys -Thomas dunklin  11/18 09:42
Thank You! -Steven Martinez  11/18 09:41
Thanks! -Josh Cohen  11/18 09:41
Keep up the good work -david fernande  11/18 09:40
Thanks for all the food!! -James Dunclin  11/18 09:40
thank you farmers!!! -Zack dunkin  11/18 09:40
thank you so much for everything -edward aldridge  11/18 09:39
Keep up the good work! -Steve Dunkin  11/18 09:36
Thanks for feeding our country!! -Shawnee Hanson  11/18 09:36
thank you Americas farmers -Heather fial  11/18 09:34
Thanks for your hard work -Mike Hanson  11/18 09:34
thank you for plentiful healthy food. -kathleen bryce  11/18 09:32
Thanks for all the hard work!! -Todd Dennison  11/18 09:31
thanks farmers -Barb Sidld
Rut@yahoo.c  11/18 09:30
Thank you -Rusty Cole  11/18 09:29
Thank you for keeping our tables full -doug peters  11/18 09:28
Thank you for your hard work!! -Travis Anderson  11/18 09:28
thank you -andrew schirmer  11/18 09:28
thank you -andrew schirmer  11/18 09:27
You guys are awesome -Josh Salinas  11/18 09:26
thank you for everything you do -Cisco garcia  11/18 09:23
thank you -Connie dominguez  11/18 09:18
thanks -art ruiz r  11/18 09:18
thanks Daren for all your hard work and spuds -Doyle Smith  11/18 09:15
thank you, everything you do is appreciated! -Phyllis kane  11/18 09:15
Thank You Farmers!! -crissy hertel  11/18 09:12
thanks guys:] -Laura sandretti  11/18 09:11
Thanks American Farmers!! -chris smith  11/18 09:10
thanks a million! -Julia park  11/18 09:10
thanks a million! -Julia park  11/18 09:09
Thank you for all that you do! -Frevon Santistevan  11/18 09:07
thanks homie!! -chris accolla  11/18 09:07
thanks farmers!!!!!! -Josh haur  11/18 09:00
Thank you for all you do! -Jaime turzanski  11/18 09:00
Thank you for all you do! -Jaime turzanski  11/18 08:58
thanks I love what you do! -Rachel Lacerte  11/18 08:50
thank you for all that you do! -Hannah Kane  11/18 08:48
Thank You!! -Raven Dodge  11/18 08:48
Thank you for everything you do!! -Peter christou  11/18 08:43
i like your food!! Thanks!! -Brian sheperad  11/17 08:13
Thank you so much for your hard work in feeding the world! You are greatly appreciated! -Salisa Suwanprathip  11/16 17:11
Thank you -Jason LaMantia  11/16 15:25
Thank you for all the hard work it takes to feed and fuel the world. -Mike Hawbaker  11/16 15:23
Thank you -John Mills
mark.s.paradise  11/16 15:21
Thank you Armerica's Farmers! Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! -Mark Paradise  11/16 14:12
Thank you for your dedication, sacrifice and hard work! -Jacqueline Mattingly  11/16 12:56
Thank you America's farmers for everything you do! Especially to my uncle Phil in Southeast Missouri! -Gayla Daugherty  11/16 12:46
Thanks! -Matthew Schuckmann  11/16 12:35
Thank you for all you do!! I hope you have happy and safe holidays! -Lisa Hallgren  11/16 12:20
Thanks for all your contributions to help feed the world. -Jim Tobin